We believe that finding an audience for a book is just as important as the book itself.

Glenn Beck

Mercury Ink is the publishing imprint of Mercury Radio Arts, a multimedia production company owned by nationally syndicated radio host and New York Times bestselling author Glenn Beck.

As a small publishing house, Mercury Ink’s goal is to create bestsellers out of every book it brings into its portfolio. Marketing is important to us and our promotional platforms are sizeable and encompass a variety of old and new media. We are creative, edgy and persistent in our efforts to get attention for every book we publish.

We invest our time and money into the authors we choose to work with, and we expect the same in return. While we are able to market on a mass-scale, publishing is still about one-on-one connections and we enjoy working with authors who are willing to get out in their communities and focus on the grassroots efforts necessary to ensure success.

Mercury Ink's partner is Simon & Schuster, a global leader in general interest publishing.